The case of the mysterious fruit...

(Really ripe limes?)

(Un-ripe Lemons?)

Now, one would think that telling the difference between a lemon and lime would be easy, right? Not so, it would seem.

I have a tree in my yard. In October, when I moved in, it had limes on it. I picked most of them and made margaritas and cooked with them and just generally enjoyed my bounty. Then my mother-in-law came and confused everything.

It was February/March, and there was yellow fruit on the tree. She picked them, and they looked like lemons and tasted like lemons. We enjoyed delicious lemonaide.

So, what is this mysterious fruit? Were they unripe lemons that I was eating in Oct. Do I have a 'cocktail tree' that produces both because of a graft?

I finally took a piece of fruit, along with a leaf, into a citrus nursery the other day. I figured they could definitively diagnose my issue.

Apparently, limes become yellow when they are really ripe. And, they become less acidic and change flavor. You never see them sold that way because, guess what? That would confuse people. So, they said I had really ripe yellow limes.

Huh? Wierd.

I wasn't quite satified and knew that my family, who had so enjoyed their lemonaid, would be skeptical. Then I broke open the lime/lemon, and I saw hesitation on their face. They smelled it, looked at it (yellow flesh), and kinda shrugged. I went home.

So, the conclusion?

Whatever they are, they are delicious!

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